United Metals Group (UMG) herein offers to regional/national and global goods, items, products and software, computer, phone, office equipment retailers and general metals users, for the first time in the marketplace, the ability to have direct access to a single-source upstream/downstream basket of base refined minerals commonly utilized in most every product they make, assemble and sell. This basket of metal program is designed for just-in-time shipment to Retailers’ outsourced manufacturers, globally.

UMG owns several mining properties with mining licenses/permits in place, in the Republic of Guinea, West Africa, including, but not limited to gold, silver, diamond, titanium, copper, chromium, ferrous ores, etc. There are no existing debts, liens or encumbrances attached to any of the company’s 5 individual 250 square kilometers (100 s/miles) mining properties containing appreciably identified reserves of gold, diamond, titanium, copper, chromium, ferrous and other mineral assets in the Republic of Guinea, West Africa.

UMG and its Guinea subsidiaries were created specifically to cater to and complement domestic/global Retailers’ wide-ranged overseas outsourcing product manufacturing imperatives as they pertain to refined base metal/mineral supplies that are essential to their product manufacturing decisions in the global marketplace. The company’s diversified mineral-rich mining properties in Guinea were acquired with the aim of providing Retailers with timely single-source access to available and discounted base metals/materials supplies, just-in-time, globally, that go into every aspect of their manufactured goods, items and products.

UMG offers national Retailers strategic access to its upstream/downstream basket of metals production output to satisfy their globally outsourced product manufacturing needs. This business model offers domestic/global Retailers 15% - 28% savings on the posted prices of the refined minerals contained in its basket of metals. To receive the offered discounts, Retailers are offered the option of entering into a strategic alliance, co-development, joint-venture, profit-sharing or barter partnership with the company. Metals included in the basket are awaiting advance orders from Retailers with outsourced product manufacturing needs. Advance metals order delivery to identified Retailers’ outsourced manufacturers, globally, shall be a minimum of 12 months after the order date. 

 The 9 specific economic benefits to be gained by product Retailers from this offer are self-evident, namely:

1) UMG eliminates the usual bulk refined material purchasers - the middlemen. 2) It eliminates brokers’ refined    product access, along with their overhead management charges, fees, expenses, handling, warehousing, shipping, transportation, insurance and product distribution, logistic infrastructure and management costs. 3) It eliminates the 10% - 18% bulk purchasing discount normally received by brokers. 4) It eliminates refine metals average 10% - 15% add-on margins by brokers. 5) It eliminates an entire level of middlemen cost-centers and their inherent time-consuming and logistical planning and transportation infrastructure systems.

6) It eliminates brokers’ combined 15% - 28% costs add-on reflected in the price of each item purchased by consumers. 7) It eliminates the profiteering tendencies in human nature to take advantage when refine materials demand overtake supply. 8) It permits items, goods and products Retailers to reflect this 15% - 28% combined cost savings on their balance sheet and reap it in their bottomline. 9) It permits Retailers to order, just-in-time, directly from UMG’s single-source refineries, refine metals for shipment to their outsourced manufacturers, globally, as dictated by current and projected market demands.

UMG offers Retailers advance purchasing options to facilitate pricing stability of outsourced manufactured goods, items and products that’s a first of its kind in the marketplace. It offers a low-cost and dynamic business paradigm. It allows direct access to base minerals utilized in about 86% of all products placed on their store shelves. It offers the basket of metals at a deep discount. It offers the basket for just-in-time delivery to Retailer’s outsourced manufacturers, globally. It kills brokers’ collective 15% - 28% add-on fees, costs, expenses and charges. It offers its basket at savings obtained by eliminating the middlemen and their usual overhead, administrative, refine materials warehousing, handling, shipping, transportation, insurance and logistics management costs associated with their activities. Those costs will no longer show up on the sticker prices of each manufactured product offered to consumers.

UMG’s basket of metals/rough stones paradigm and business model is offered to specifically selected Retailers to help lower their base minerals’ purchasing costs by eliminating the middlemen, and in so doing, reduce end-product costs to consumers, offer competitive advantages, increase market share and improve bottomlines. This model creates a combination of new long-term and sustainable savings opportunity for Retailers, while equally providing for them, single-source and just-in-time multiyear access to a diversification of metals/minerals supplies directly to their outsourced manufacturers that never previously existed. Equally, this model provides new, reliable and long-term mineral purchasers for UMG. Albeit advancing and enhancing the company’s multifaceted precious metal/stones and commercial metals mining exploration and production activities and imperatives, while aggressively increasing regional and national employment across all sectors of the Republic of Guinea.   









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          2006 First Quarter’s Poem


              MAGNUS OPUS



              A Polished Diamond

                  Reflection s1a.68


   Your beauty stands out like a finely

.  cut, polished diamond mixed among

.  ordinary beads, costume jewelry and

   inexpensive rough stone

   All competing against not being

   ignored, not being overlooked

   Your existence here is like purified

   gold, forced into the company of

   over-valued cast iron, wrought iron

    pig iron, scrap iron

   All stately, grandly, impressively

   displaying their obvious, ordinary

   insignificant nothingness

   And making your majestic presence

   simply stands out and dominate the

   the most stubborn attention of man

   males’ desire, including mine.             


          Arthur and Delilah

              Off-Broadway Play


       United Metals Group Sponsored Play

                       adapted from

                   MAGNUS OPUS