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          2006 First Quarter’s Poem


              MAGNUS OPUS



              A Polished Diamond

                  Reflection s1a.68


   Your beauty stands out like a finely

.  cut, polished diamond mixed among

.  ordinary beads, costume jewelry and

   inexpensive rough stone

   All competing against not being

   ignored, not being overlooked

   Your existence here is like purified

   gold, forced into the company of

   over-valued cast iron, wrought iron

    pig iron, scrap iron

   All stately, grandly, impressively

   displaying their obvious, ordinary

   insignificant nothingness

   And making your majestic presence

   simply stands out and dominate the

   the most stubborn attention of man

   males’ desire, including mine.             




          Arthur and Delilah

              Off-Broadway Play


       United Metals Group Sponsored Play

                       adapted from

                   MAGNUS OPUS