The Advantages of UMG SmartStocks

(Secured Metals and Retailers Traded Stock)

United Metals Group (UMG) SmartStocks intends to create metals portfolio stability and command the highest market value among firms associated with both precious and commercial metals. UMG shall buy stocks in its participating Retailers in the global marketplace who buy its metals. Each SmartStock shall offer inherently stable and long-term value based on its combined basket of metals and basket of participating retailers stocks in stockholders’ portfolios. UMG SmartStocks can be traded whenever stockholders wish and are subject to the normal risks inherent in stock trading.



UMG SmartStock Investment

(Investment portfolio secured by

physical metals and brand name retailer stocks)


UMG SmartStock Portfolio


Basket of Metals Portfolio


Basket of Participating Retailers Stocks Portfolio


Mining Assets Co-Development

With Brand Name Retailers


UMG purchases participating retailers stocks

creating a diversified retailers stock portfolio


Basket of Metals Sold Only to Participating Retailers


UMG Metals Refining Operations


UMG Metals Extraction Operations


UMG Diversified Mineral Mining Properties Acquisition


Republic of Guinea, West Africa

(Diversified Mining assets location)


Business Paradigm Synopsis

United Metals Group’s (UMG) advent in the marketplace changes the traditional dynamics of the metals supply relationship between manufacturers, outsourcers and Retailers. In this new and innovatively imposed business relationship, Retailers shall experience product cost-savings between 15% - 28% which goes directly to their bottom-line. With this business model, participating Retailers become the owner of record of the diverse range of refined precious/commercial metals produced by UMG that are to be delivered to their product Manufacturers/Outsourcers, precisely on a just-in-time delivery basis to be utilized in most of the goods, items and products that end up on their store shelves.

This model allow Retailers to effectively and cost-efficiently increase/decrease product production imperatives directly from UMG’s mineral upstream sources and metals refineries and avoid becoming a victim of market uncertainties, gyrations, fluctuations and volatility while maintaining a firm hold and control over products production, warehousing and transportation logistics and distribution cost structures. By so doing, Retailers eliminate entire intermediary ranges and levels of cost-centers by globally shipping diverse refined metals to global Outsourcers just-in-time which in turn ship to store shelves just-in-time. This model could eliminate about 33% of existing cost structures and translate into about 20% cost-savings for consumers.










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          2006 First Quarter’s Poem


              MAGNUS OPUS



              A Polished Diamond

                  Reflection s1a.68


   Your beauty stands out like a finely

.  cut, polished diamond mixed among

.  ordinary beads, costume jewelry and

   inexpensive rough stone

   All competing against not being

   ignored, not being overlooked

   Your existence here is like purified

   gold, forced into the company of

   over-valued cast iron, wrought iron

    pig iron, scrap iron

   All stately, grandly, impressively

   displaying their obvious, ordinary

   insignificant nothingness

   And making your majestic presence

   simply stands out and dominate the

   the most stubborn attention of man

   males’ desire, including mine.             


          Arthur and Delilah

              Off-Broadway Play


       United Metals Group Sponsored Play

                       adapted from

                   MAGNUS OPUS